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Hatha Yoga

(Bodywork & Energywork)

Hatha can be understood as Yoga of the body. It is a branch of Yoga that involves the practice of physical postures in conjunction with breath awareness to help develop mental clarity and focus, and unify Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Hatha Yoga is a low-intensity and restorative approach to dynamic Yoga that involves slow, functional movements and gentle static holds. This beginner-friendly practice seamlessly blends various standing, sitting, and flowing postures, into a moving meditation designed to align and calm Body, Mind, and Spirit, balance Yin (passive) and Yang (active) energies, and reconnect you with your Being. Often a variety of concentration, contemplation, and Self-Enquiry techniques are employed throughout the session to gently guide awareness back to its source. Hatha practices often predominantly target the muscles, joints and organs of the physical body, using postures and movements to heal, strengthen and energise.


Benefits of a Hatha Yoga practice include increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping the lymphatic system fight infection, relaxation of the nervous system thereby reducing stress and stress-related issues, quieting and relaxing the mind, release of mental-emotional and physical tension, toning, strengthening and lubricating the muscles and joints, particularly the hips and spine, and supporting, improving and maintaining overall functional fitness.

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