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New Clients:
How to book your first In-Studio Session

Online Sessions Available Here!

As Sacred Hearth is a home-based business and not a walk-in clinic, all New Clients* are required to complete our Client Form before a 1:1 In-Studio Appointment can be booked.

Our Client Form is both a legal requirement, and a necessary step in the treatment process. In this form, we gather personal contact information, information regarding your past and present health history (to learn how we use and store this information, view our Privacy Policy here), and outline our Terms and Conditions of treatment and the provision of services. All questions contained in the form are necessary for us to provide you with the best and most effective care possible, so it is VITAL that you answer each question fully, honestly, and to the best of your knowledge. Our T&C's are non-negotiable, and must be reviewed and signed. You can complete a copy of our Client Form below, or by clicking here. We will only retain the completed forms of accepted applicants. If you complete and submit this form but your appointment request is not accepted, your form will be destroyed as per the National Privacy Principles to protect your personal information. 

​Existing Clients that have already attended Appointments, Classes, &/or Events facilitated by Chloe/Sacred Hearth will be given access to our direct booking link & Booking Portal, or may contact Chloe directly to book appointments!

After submitting your form, you are welcome to contact us via text, phone, or email to book your appointment, or follow our NEW Online Appointment Request process HEREThose who submit forms but do not get in touch will be contacted within 1 business day of your submission to organise your session.

When making an appointment request by phone, email, or text, we ask you to include your name which Healing Container and therapeutic modalities you are interested in, what your goals or intentions for the session are, and your preferred days and times. The more information you provide in your request, the easier it is for us to process.

We also highly recommend booking a complimentary Wellness Consultation to discuss your healing journey so far, and how our offerings may align with your needs and preferences.

Please be aware Sacred Hearth and staff maintain their right to refuse service. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, or any of the information, documents, and links provided above, please don't hesitate to get in touch using any of the contact details here.

1:1 Healing Containers

Chloe's signature 1:1 Healing Sessions are designed to address Mind, Body and Spirit collectively, rather than separately, regardless of your chosen Healing Container. Each type is structed in a similar fashion, beginning with a brief consultation, followed by the treatment, and concluded with a debrief and aftercare recommendations, but the therapeutic techniques that are used differ. Learn about each session type by following the links below.


The Therapies

Chloe holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, Diploma of Reflexology, Certificates in Reiki I, II and Masters, Kahuna Bodywork, Acupressure, Yoga and Meditation Teaching, Shamanic Healing, and Myofascial Cupping, and practical skills in Sound, Crystal, and Somatic Healing. Her desire is to co-create unique, integrative and holistic healing experiences with her clients, addressing mind, body and spirit as one. Explore each of Chloe's unique practices by following the link below.

1:1 Availability

Sunday   ~   CLOSED

Monday   ~   CLOSED

Tuesday   ~   8am to 5:30pm

Wednesday   ~   8am to 5:30pm

Thursday   ~   8am to 5:30pm

Friday   ~   8am to 5:30pm

Saturday   ~   8am to 5:30pm

*Open until 7pm by request

The hours listed are general Business/Operating hours. Appointment availability is subject to existing bookings/commitments (Yoga Classes and Market appearances).


Please contact Chloe directly for appointment availability, or alternatively, view her real-time availability via our Appointment Request calendar below.

1:1 Exchange

Due to the integrated nature of Chloe's practices, all 1:1 sessions are priced according to session length rather than session type, unless otherwise stated. Chloe feels that all her clients benefit from the entirety of her knowledge and experience in the field of Complimentary Medicine, regardless of the session type, or chosen modalities, and it's that time, energy, and wisdom that you are paying to receive.

Concession discount available for Students, Retirees/Pensioners, Emergency Service Workers (Police, Fire, and Ambulance), Veterans, and members of the Armed Forces. 

30-Minutes   ~   $65

45-Minutes   ~   $85

60-Minutes   ~   $100

75-Minutes   ~   $125

90-Minutes   ~   $145

2 hours   ~   $200

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