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Prop Guidance Workshop

I practice Yoga to help guide me out of my head, into my body, and into presence. Out of a state of doing, and into a state of Being. This is not possible for me if I am confused or overwhelmed by my practices, if I am trying to force or push my body into a particular shape, or if I am uncomfortable, strained, tense or in pain while in a pose. Yoga props are my number one supporters when it comes to establishing a healthy, effective and functional Yoga practice, and I want to share that incredible magic with others in a way that is easy to understand, informed by experience, and able to be integrated into day-to-day life.

Since I began guiding Yoga classes, I have noticed an aversion to using props amongst class attendees. Perhaps it's lack of confidence, knowledge or understanding, overwhelm or confusion, or the belief that the use of props somehow detracts from the practice. Regardless of the reasons, I would like to offer a solution. When used effectively, Yoga props provide support, stability, comfort, and protection from injury. They allow you to deepen your practice and connection to your body and being by alleviating all resistance, pain, and discomfort, providing access to poses you may have otherwise struggled with, and preventing harm or injury.

I am
 so deeply passionate about the informed and confident use of Yoga props to create a safe, supportive, sustainable and accessible Yoga practice, and have designed this workshop to introduce you to a variety of common Yoga props and their uses, and to offer a safe, open and informative space to directly experience their effect on your Yoga practices. It is my intention for this workshop to provide a clear foundational understanding of Yoga props and their uses, so that you may approach your personal Yoga practices with more confidence and awareness, allowing you to intuitively move through poses at home and in a studio without causing unnecessary strain, stress, dysregulation or injury.

I believe with proper education, a safe space to experience the benefits, ask questions and receive nurturing guidance, and ongoing support, EVERYONE can learn and benefit from the functional use of Yoga props to support themselves at home and in an established studio.


When: TBA

Where: Sacred Hearth Home Studio, Parkwood WA 6147 (address provided upon booking)

Exchange: $66

What to Bring: A notebook and pen, and dress in comfy non-restrictive clothing. All props (mats, pillows, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets) will be provided for you, along with light refreshments throughout the session.

About the Workshop: Details coming soon!

Reiki Training Workshops Coming Soon!

This year, Chloe will be opening enrollments for a series of Reiki Training workshops!

Ever wanted to learn more about the system and practice of Reiki?
Maybe you are already attuned but would like to further your journey?

Whatever your motivation to explore this magical healing art, these workshops are for you!

Reiki is both a system for spiritual development, and a hands-on energy healing practice.
Through her weekend Workshops, Chloe will ensure a thorough theoretical understanding, and conscious lived experience of both the system and a practice of Reiki, as well as the intuitive integration of other tools and teachings into your practices.

These workshops will be held in small groups of four, or can be facilitated 1:1 by request.

Reiki I & Reiki II Training Coming 2023!

Reiki Master & Master Teacher Training Coming 2024!
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