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Integrative Healing

1:1 | In-Studio or Online | 30 to 120 minute sessions | Session Bundles of 3 to 12 Available

Integrative Healing is Chloe's specialty offering.

In this container, Chloe combines the therapeutic techniques, philosophies, and understandings of various Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga, and Meditation practices to form an integrated therapeutic approach that will address all aspects of your Being collectively (mental, emotional, physical, energetic, & spiritual), thereby creating a more holistic healing experience.

An Integrative session is similar to a Remedial Massage session - comprising of a brief consultation, the treatment itself, and a debrief and aftercare recommendations - but rather than drawing from one specified modality to address your concerns, Chloe draws from all the relevant modalities within her scope of practice, all her knowledge and practical experience in the field of Holistic Healing, and works with you to develop an integrated treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to suit you. Your session can include principles and practical techniques from Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Sound & Crystal Healing, Acupressure, Ka Huna Bodywork, Yin & Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Shamanic Healing. We have included descriptions of each therapeutic technique and their healing benefits here so that you can assist in the co-creation of your ideal healing session. 


As with all her 1:1 sessions, Chloe's intention is to co-create your ideal healing session with you, not for you. The inclusion, overall purpose, and benefit of each therapeutic modality within any given Integrative session will vary from person to person, session to session. You will discuss where you're at, your intentions, needs, and treatment preferences during the short consultation included in each session, prior to conducting the treatment. 

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Please be aware that all In-Studio sessions must be booked directly through Chloe using the contact information here, and we ask that all new clients submit an Appointment Request by following the steps found here.

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