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Our Studio

Our Home Studio is located in the suburb of Parkwood, Perth WA. 

Nearby suburbs include Riverton, Wilson, Willetton, Shelley, Lynwood, Thornlie, Canning Vale, Bull Creek and Cannington. 

As a private residence, our Studio address is only disclosed upon confirmation of your booking.


Our Name

To understand the symbolic significance of our name, and to fully receive its energetic transmission, it is important for you to understand the ancient practical and spiritual significance of the hearth.


For centuries, the hearth featured at the very centre of every home, town hall, and temple of worship, and was highly regarded – both literally and symbolically – as the heart of all home, family, and community life, inspiring the familiar adage “hearth and home”.


Deeply honoured as a sacred space responsible for supporting and sustaining all life within the home, the hearth provided light and warmth, facilitated the preparation and cooking of food, enabled the creation of various tools, provided a safe space for families and communities to gather, and served as an altar where offerings were placed. Many ancient polytheist cultures (particularly those of Egypt, Greece, Rome, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia), believed the hearth was governed by a Goddess who ensured security, safety, and abundance within the home, family, and wider community, therefore it was always tended to with great care, intention and reverence.


With the advancement of modern society, the hearth has lost its cultural significance and is no longer present at the heart of every significant structure, or afforded the same level of honour and devotion as it once was. However, it has not lost its symbolic potency. Our name, along with our studio, is an activation, serving as both a transmission of, and attunement to, the ancient and sacred energies of the hearth by honouring and embodying its traditional symbolism as a homely and comforting place of light, warmth, nourishment, creation, family, community, and reverence, and its spiritual symbolism as a reflection of the creative spark of existence that resides within all; the heart of Being.


When you attend a healing session, class, or workshop at Sacred Hearth, you are returning home to your Self, to the warmth, comfort, safety, and security within, and tending to that space with the same intention, care and reverence as our ancestors once tended to the hearths within their own sacred spaces.


Welcome to Sacred Hearth.


Welcome home.


Our Purpose

To heal chronic tension and constriction within the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

We understand that tension is protection, armour to ensure our safety, but this armour was intended to be shed, not sustained, after serving it's protection and survival functions. For many, tension and constriction has solidified, becoming chronic (long-term), only causing further suffering, and limiting healing. Our offerings are designed to regulate the nervous system, creating safety in the mind, body and Being so you can soften the constriction, and be 100% present with your experience without needing to avoid or escape it through dissociation, disconnection, or distraction.


Our Healing Philosophy

Here at Sacred Hearth, healing is 'softening into Being'.

Presence is our natural state.

Returning to a state of presence with our experience is the very essence of healing, and tension and constriction are barriers to presence, therefore barriers to healing.

Through softening the constriction within our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual bodies we return to that natural state of presence. Our true nature. The Being.

Softening into Being is like a closed fist unfurling into an open hand.

A closed fist is tense, stiff, sore, unmoving, rigid, dulled, impenetrable, it can neither give nor receive.

An open hand is loose, free, open, flowing, relaxed, sensitive, fluid, it can respond, give, receive, be held.

Which feels more capable of engaging with life in a meaningful and fulfilling way?

Our Three Pillars for Holistic Wellbeing

These three pillars are the foundation for all our healing philosophies and practices.

We strongly believe that through using these as a framework to guide and support you on your wellness journey, you will soften the constriction that is limiting you, and return to your natural state of presence with your experience, allowing you to engage with your life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.


Ground out of the head and into the body.


To ground is to come into total presence with what is, for you, in the moment, supporting the development of self-awareness and self-understanding (self-literacy).


Center within, and live from, the heart. 


If grounding is to connect to what is, centering is to shed what is not, to gently decondition, by perceiving your experience through the lens of the heart. This supports the development of self-compassion and self-acceptance.


Connect with your Being.

To connect with your Being is to deepen your relationship with the unconditioned, unchanging witness consciousness that resides within you, supporting the embodiment and expression of your authentic self.


Our Values

Our values not only underpin how we operate as a Wellness Studio, but act as a framework for the development of our therapeutic healing practices. Intricately interwoven, we believe these values both facilitate and support true healing and lasting wellness. 


Presence is the core of our healing philosophies and practices.

In this context, we understand presence to be the practice of bringing awareness to, and consciously connecting and engaging with, the naturalness of our Being, Spirit, or the essence-core of reality - that underlying spark of Existence that gave rise to, and is present throughout, the Universe. True presence is the enquiry into, and conscious engagement with, that spark of Existence within all, and any practice that helps you connect to, explore, and develop a relationship with the depth of Existence. Practicing presence in our day to day lives until it becomes second nature, brings us into alignment with our true Selves, or "all that is".


Self-Awareness means establishing a deep and intimate relationship with all aspects of Self - mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. By coming to know and understand these aspects, what they mean to us, how they function, and the conditionings present, we are capable of learning what is truly ailing us at any given moment, and how we can heal. Self-Awareness allows you to recognise and overcome harmful conditionings, to identify, understand, and meet your own needs using effective Self-Care practices, and to reconnect with the depth of your Being. Self-awareness is born of ones ability to be truly present with all aspects of Self at any given moment, and allows you to tune in to your intuition.


Intuition is your internal guidance system (inner tuition). It is a heart based knowing of the truth, pure, untaught, non-inferential knowledge, that arises from within the unconditioned inner space of pure existence - the Being - offering something deeper than intellectual and conceptual understanding. When the mind and spirit are clear, balanced and at peace, your intuition will have the freedom and space to flow and be heard by the heart, without being confused for impulse, or second guessed and questioned by the mind. The intuition is the foundation for developing discernment, which plays and integral role in healing as it is what allows you to make the choices that will be of your highest good.


Holistic healing is founded on the understanding that the various systems and aspects that make up a human being, although often viewed as separate in typical western healing models, are intricately interwoven, and the health or dis-ease of one will always impact the others. Therefore, it is vital to address all aspects - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic - collectively (holistically), rather than separately if we desire to effect any real or lasting change.

Integrative healing is founded on the understanding that as multidimensional beings, no single therapeutic practice is capable of addressing the entire being, therefore we must integrate a variety of of therapeutic tools, techniques, philosophies, and understandings in order to adapt and tailor ones approach to suit the needs of the individual and treat them holistically.

Holistic & Integrative Healing
Cyclical Living

Cyclical Living refers to the observation of, and personal alignment with, natures cycles (such as the Menstrual, Lunar, Solar, Planetary, and Seasonal cycles). In our experience, aligning with natures cycles allows us to connect more deeply with our Earthly-Human experience, our Spiritual nature, and the present moment. This depth of connection naturally brings about healing because you are working with life's natural rhythms, nurturing and supporting yourself in all your phases, rather than working against them by attempting to control, force, strive, and grasp. Your experience of life becomes more open, receptive, spacious and free flowing.


In our experience, Spirituality often focuses on transcending the Earthly-Human experience. Much like the disconnect present in the Health and Wellness industry that treats Mind, Body, and Spirit as separate, there is a disconnect within Spirituality that results in the separation of our Earthly-Human experience and our Spiritual natures, and the suggestion that one (Spirit) is more desirable than the other (Human). Our intention is to make Spirituality more accessible by bringing it down to Earth, realigning our Spiritual nature with, and grounding it into, our Earthly-Human experience, so that we may realise the entirety of our experience is in-fact Spiritual.

Grounded Spiriuality
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