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Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger Point Therapy is a specialized form of massage that focuses on pinpointing and treating trigger points, which are tight knots of hypersensitive muscle fibers that typically refer pain to other areas of the body. Trigger points often develop due to fascial restrictions, and they can cause discomfort and restricted mobility. The therapist uses firm, direct, static pressure and precise techniques to to compress and unwind these hypersensitive points within the muscle and relieve pain.

Trigger point therapy offers several advantages, including the relief of specific pain conditions such as tension headaches, sciatica, and chronic back pain. By addressing these trigger points, this therapy can effectively reduce pain and improve functional movement. Additionally, it aids in the relaxation of the fascia and muscles, promoting better blood flow and flexibility. People who suffer from chronic pain or musculoskeletal conditions often find relief through trigger point therapy, as it targets the root causes of discomfort and restores the body's natural balance.

can refer pain to other areas of the body

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