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What is Energywork?

Energywork refers to any therapy or healing practice that focuses primarily on the energetic body. Founded on the premise that everything in the universe, inanimate or animate, is made up of the same base energetic substance, often referred to as Universal Life Force Energy or Spirit, and that foundational energy is what brings life to the universe. Energywork is the practice of tapping into that universal life force energy, either by channelling it into the body to promote healing and bring about balance (Reiki), or by using elements such as sound, crystals, or touch to influence the energy within and surrounding an individual for the purpose of healing or bringing about balance.
Although Energywork focuses on the energetic body rather than the physical, many Energywork practices are touch-based. The body is a bridge between the physical and the energetic. Energetic imbalances often express themselves through the physical body to get our attention. Acupressure involves the application of gentle finger pressure to points along the Meridians (energy channels) to effect the energy flow within them, Reiki involves the laying of hands on various parts of the body to channel higher vibrational energy into the body and remove blockages, Reflexology involves the manual manipulation of reflection points found on the hands, feet, and ears that are energetically linked to the various organs and systems within the physical body, even Yoga uses physical postures to open up the energy channels and improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

Energywork Techniques

Chloe specialises in the integration of a variety of therapeutic techniques within a single session.

Below, you can explore some of the Energywork techniques within Chloe's scope of practice. This list is not exhaustive, but includes techniques used most regularly. The inclusion or omission of any therapeutic technique within a healing session is determined by the intentions, needs and preferences of the individual. We aim to provide as much information on our therapeutic practices as possible, so that you may make informed decisions regarding your care.


Book an Energywork Session!

The only way to incorporate Energywork into your healing session is through our Intuitive Healing container.
By booking an Intuitive Healing session, you are able to integrate any therapeutic technique from across our Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga and Meditation modalities, while Remedial Massage is limited to Bodywork techniques only.


Intuitive Healing is Chloe's signature offering. These sessions combine Chloe's intuitive abilities, and her knowledge and practical experience in the field of complimentary medicine, to create a more holistic healing experience. Drawing from philosophies and practical techniques across all modalities in which she is trained, Chloe aims to support and address all aspects of your Being - mental, emotional, physical, energetic, & spiritual - collectively

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