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Public Classes

Introducing our new signature class series, SOFTEN!

Featuring two familiar classes, and one new addition, this series of Yin Yoga based group healing sessions is designed to support the embodiment and integration of Sacred Hearths three pillars for holistic well-being

- grounding, centering, and connecting.


The first class in our SOFTEN series, GROUND, uses a combination of Yin & Restorative Yoga poses and Shamanic Sound Healing techniques to bring you out of your head, and into your body,  supporting the development of self-awareness through embodiment, self-inquiry and reflection, and clearing that which clouds and disconnects you from your Self, guiding you back into a deep state of presence.

To find out more, visit our Facebook Event here, or book via the button below!

GROUND ~ Yin & Sound

The second class in our SOFTEN series, CENTER, uses Yin & Restorative Yoga poses and Ceremonial Cacao to awaken, and center you within, the heart space, to inspire and support deconditioning from all that keeps you disconnected from your Self, invite you to view your experience through the pure lens of the heart, and open you to the endless stream of divine love available.

To find out more, visit our Facebook Event here, or book via the button below!

CENTER ~ Yin & Breath

The third and final class in our SOFTEN series, CONNECT, uses Yin & Restorative Yoga poses and Reiki to support the cultivation of awareness and connection to your true Self - the unconditioned space of pure Being and presence that resides within you - and the integration of your healing journey so far through that reconnection to Self.

To find out more, visit our Facebook Event here, or book via the button below!

CONNECT ~ Yin & Reiki

Multi-Class Passes

If you intend to attend multiple classes, we highly recommend exploring our Multi-Class Pass options below!
Once you purchase a pass, the number of classes is credited to your account and can be applied to each booking!

Private Classes

Hosting a private, corporate, fundraising or educational event and interested in including bodywork, energywork, Yoga or Meditation services?


Chloe is available for hire!


Choose from a flat hourly rate, full and half day packages, or have your attendees pay for themselves, there is a pricing structure to suit any occasion, such as:

  •  Charity Events

  • Team Building Events

  • Corporate Wellness Days

  • Launch Parties

  • Birthdays

  • Hen's Nights

  • Retreats

  • Markets, Fairs & Festivals

  • Conferences & Workshops


Chloe is also available to collaborate with other businesses who would like to add a Bodyworker, Energyworker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, or Sound Healer to their events or retreats!

Our private group services are ideal if you're looking to offer bodywork, energywork, yoga &/or meditation to a larger group or community, while maintaining a personalised experience. Support your community in receiving direct care and guidance from a skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, nurturing and trauma informed practitioner, who is capable of tailoring each experience to the needs, preferences, and level of experience of the individual.

If you are interested in private group Healing Services, organising a private group class, or hiring Chloe to appear at your next event/retreat, contact us using the information here

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