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What is Bodywork?

The term Bodywork applies to any therapy or healing modality that focuses on the manual manipulation of the physical body. It is an ancient and holistic therapeutic practice that brings about physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual balance by influencing the various systems contained within the physical body (Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, etc.), and calming the conscious mind. Bodywork helps to re-build our Body-Awareness, or Body-Consciousness, by bringing our awareness out of the head and into the body. This is vital for understanding ourselves, and how we can heal.

The body is an incredible messenger, acting as a bridge that connects the physical and non-physical aspects of Being. Our daily physical activities, the way we carry ourselves, our aches, pains and sensitivities, all have the ability to empower us by alerting us to the imbalances in our lives, imbalances that are perhaps even mental-emotional, or spiritual in nature. Treating the body can directly address, or bring our awareness to and help us understand, the root cause of our dis-ease, allowing us to uproot it. Bodywork has the capacity to play a vital role in the promotion and maintenance of our health and well-being, and should be considered part of a regular Self-Care routine.

Bodywork Techniques

Chloe specialises in the integration of a variety of therapeutic techniques within a single session.

Below, you can explore some of the Bodywork techniques within Chloe's scope of practice. This list is not exhaustive, but includes techniques used most regularly. The inclusion or omission of any therapeutic technique within a healing session is determined by the intentions, needs and preferences of the individual. We aim to provide as much information on our therapeutic practices as possible, so that you may make informed decisions regarding your care.


Book a Bodywork Session!

Bodywork is available in BOTH our 1:1 healing containers, however, as Remedial Massage is eligible for Private Health Rebates, we are unable to incorporate Energywork, Yoga or Meditation techniques into these sessions, if you are seeking a more integrative experience, book an Intuitive Healing session. 


Intuitive Healing is Chloe's signature offering. These sessions combine Chloe's intuitive abilities, and her knowledge and practical experience in the field of complimentary medicine, to create a more holistic healing experience. Drawing from philosophies and practical techniques across all modalities in which she is trained, Chloe aims to support and address all aspects of your Being - mental, emotional, physical, energetic, & spiritual - collectively


Remedial Massage is a bodywork modality that focuses on stopping or reversing (remediating) environmental damage to the soft tissues and joints, using a variety of Massage/soft tissue manipulation techniques.


This session type is for those who intend to claim a Private Health rebate, and are not interested in including any other modalities (Energywork, Yoga, Meditation etc.) in their session.​

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