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Intuitive Guidance


Intuition is your internal guidance system, or inner tuition. In a philosophical sense, it is pure, untaught, non-inferential knowledge. Intuitive Guidance arises from within the Being, the unconditioned inner space of pure existence, and can only be truly heard when one has emptied themselves of all external conditionings and 'noise', coming to rest in a state of equilibrium within the Being. When the mind and spirit are clear, balanced and at peace, your intuition will have the freedom and space to flow and be heard by the heart, without being confused for impulse, or second guessed and questioned by the mind.

Intuition can be difficult for many people to understand and connect with as it is more of a feeling and an experience than an intellectual concept. As Humans, we often struggle to accept things we cannot understand with the intellect, as the mind and its perceptions are the primary way in which we learn to understand, relate to, and interact with our external reality. As this intellectual, thoughtful, mental approach to life is so ingrained in our very way of being, it can be one of the most difficult conditionings to overcome. Intuition offers something deeper than intellectual and conceptual understanding. Intuition is a heart based knowing of the truth. Chloe always uses intuitive guidance to inform her healing sessions, however, she can also offer assist you in connecting to your own intuition as part of your healing session.

Experience this modality in our Intuitive Healing container!

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