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Reiki is understood as “universal life force energy”. This energy is everywhere, residing in all things, animating all life. Life force energy nourishes the organs and cells of our bodies, supporting them in their vital functions. This energy also  supports our connection to the rest of existence. When the flow of energy throughout the body is blocked or disrupted, it can affect the overall function of our bodies and minds, and disrupt our connection with Self, community, the Earth, and the Cosmos.

As a healing technique, Reiki operates on the belief that a practitioner may channel this life force energy into a recipient by means of touch, or by working in the energy field surrounding the body. Reiki then flows through the affected parts of the Body, Mind and Spirit, charging them with positive energy and causing any blockages, disruptions or negative energy to dissipate. This re-establishes the free flow of energy throughout the Being, stimulating the natural healing processes, clearing, purifying, rejuvenating and re-energising the recipient.

Reiki has a similar effect on the Body-Mind as meditation, acting on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to relax, calm and clear. Studies have also shown Reiki is effective as part of a pain management regime, speeding up wound healing and recovery time, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress.

Seek the inclusion of Reiki in your healing session if you are feeling scattered, unbalanced, stressed, emotional, blocked, low in energy or fatigued, if you experience difficulty sleeping, are experiencing great change or upheaval, or if you simply wish to relax, clear your mind, raise your vibration, receive Intuitive Guidance, and connect to your Being.​

Experience this technique in our Intuitive Healing container, or in our Yin & Reiki Class!

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