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We are so glad you have found us, and we very much look forward to holding space for you.


Please be aware that Sacred Hearth is a home-based business, therefore all new clients seeking 1:1 In-Studio Healing Sessions must complete our Client Form before booking an appointment. Your initial appointment will be submitted as a request, with confirmation subject to admin approval.


We share our premises with 3 cats, so please consider any allergies before booking.


Our Offerings

At Sacred Hearth, we specialise in the integration of a variety of therapeutic Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga, Meditation, and spiritual development practices, using a holistic approach that is designed to address Mind, Body and Spirit as one, and facilitate healing on all levels.


We offer 1:1 Healing Sessions both in-studio and online, public and private Classes, and Workshops coming soon.

Explore these offerings below, and please be aware that all new clients interested in booking 1:1 In-Studio Sessions must follow the process detailed here before an appointment can be booked.


Gift Vouchers can be purchased via our booking portal here or the button below!


Intuitive Healing is Chloe's signature offering. These sessions combine Chloe's intuitive abilities, and her knowledge and practical experience in the field of complimentary medicine, to create a more holistic healing experience. Drawing from philosophies and practical techniques across all modalities in which she is trained, Chloe aims to support and address all aspects of your Being - mental, emotional, physical, energetic, & spiritual - collectively


Remedial Massage is a bodywork modality that focuses on stopping or reversing (remediating) environmental damage to the soft tissues and joints, using a variety of Massage/soft tissue manipulation techniques.


This session type is for those who intend to claim a Private Health rebate, and are not interested in including any other modalities (Energywork, Yoga, Meditation etc.) in their session.​


Chloe runs 3 public Yin Yoga classes a month from the Home Studio in Parkwood WA.

GROUND ~ Yin & Sound at 6:30pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month

CENTER ~ Yin & Breath at 6:30pm every 3rd Wednesday of the month

CONNECT ~ Yin & Reiki at 6:30pm every 4th Wednesday of the month

And offers private In-Studio (5 p/max) or mobile classes by request


Chloe is developing a series of workshops to help support your personal, spiritual, and professional development. These will be offered in 1:1 Mentoring, Pairs, or Group environments, and topics will include effective and functional use of Yoga Props, Massage, Cyclical Living, and Self-Healing using various methods and modalities, as well as her first range of Reiki Training Workshops!


From First Degree to Master Teacher, if you have ever been interested in learning the practice of Reiki, or continuing your Reiki journey, you will want to watch this space!

Coming Soon!

"I highly recommend this amazing lady with healing hands!"

— Raquel K


Our Studio

Get to know our Studio!

View our location, understand the symbolic significance of our name, and learn more about the healing philosophies, purpose, intention, and values that inform our practices.


Meet Chloe

Get to know Chloe, principal therapist and founder of Sacred Hearth.

As a personal service provider, I deeply honour, value and respect the trust my clients place in me, and it is my intention to share as much of myself with my community as my community shares with me.

If there is anything I have not included that you wish to know about me, and my healing and business journeys, please reach out! I would love to hear from you!

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