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 Studio Updates

Welcome to Sacred Hearth, the home of healing!

Whether you are new to this space, or a returning client, please take a few minutes to explore our website!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out using the contact information here.

We recently added a password protected Book Online section to our website that is only accessible to existing clients and pre-approved password holders. If you are an existing client and have not been given access to this section, let us know! To be given access, all new clients must attend at least one appointment or class at the Home Studio. To book an In-Studio Appointment, all new clients must follow the booking procedure detailed below and here


Sacred Hearth is a Home-Based business, therefore all In-Studio Appointments and Classes must be booked directly through Chloe using the contact information here. All New Clients seeking 1:1 In-Studio Healing Sessions are required to complete and submit copies of our Client Forms here, before an appointment can be booked. The full Appointment Request process can be found here.

We also share the premises with 3 cats, so please consider any allergies before booking.

Studio Offerings

At Sacred Hearth, we specialise in the integration of a variety of therapeutic Bodywork, Energywork, Yoga, Meditation, and spiritual development practices, using a holistic approach that is designed to address Mind, Body and Spirit as one, and facilitate healing on all levels.


We offer 1:1 Healing Sessions, and Group Classes, Events and Workshops.

Explore these offerings below, and please be aware there is an application process for all new clients interested in booking 1:1 Appointments.

1:1 Offerings

Neck Massage

Intuitive Healing is Chloe's signature offering. These sessions combine Chloe's intuitive abilities, and her knowledge and practical experience in the field of complimentary medicine, to create a more holistic healing experience. Drawing from philosophies and practical techniques across all modalities in which she is trained, Chloe aims to support and address all aspects of your Being - Mind, Body, and Spirit - collectively.


These sessions can be Bodywork based, Energywork based, Guidance based, or Integrative in nature, and may include therapeutic practices such as Massage, Reiki, Sound and Crystal Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and talk therapy, and, like all our 1:1 Healing Sessions, the structure is determined by your intentions, presenting condition, and personal preferences.

A Shamanic Healer is someone who acts as a hollow bone or a bridge between the physical and spiritual, through which Spirit flows for the purposes of healing. Founded upon the belief that everything is made of energy derived from the same source, Shamanic Healing works to shift energies that are adversely affecting our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness, and return us to our natural state of pure Being.

A Shamanic Healing session may include a combination of Ancestral, Past Life, and Inner Child work, Entity Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Sound, Crystal, and Animal Medicine, Movement, Bodywork, Breathwork, and Card or Rune Reading depending on your presenting condition, preferences, and goals or intentions for the session.

Pressure Point Massage

Remedial Massage is a bodywork modality that focuses on stopping or reversing (remediating) environmental damage to the soft tissues and joints, using Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, MLD, Relaxation, Sport, and Pregnancy Massage techniques.


This session type is for those who are not interested in including any other modalities (Energywork, Yoga, Meditation etc.) in their session, and are interested in claiming a Private Health rebate.​

Group Offerings

Upward Facing Dog

Chloe runs 2 monthly Yin Yoga classes, with more being added as spaces sell out. These classes are particularly special, as they are guided by a teacher who is also a highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Sound Healer! Chloe draws upon her extensive knowledge in Mind-Body-Spirit healing to infuse each class with elements of Sound Therapy, Energywork, and Bodywork.

On the second Thursday of every month, Chloe offers a Yin & Reiki Class, combining medicinal movement with healing energy to provide a nurturing, grounding and supportive healing environment.


On the fourth Wednesday of every month, Chloe offers a Yin & Sound Healing session, combining medicinal movement with the sacred sounds of singing bowls, chimes, drums and more, to relax, calm and clear you!

Couple Holding Hands

Chloe co-hosts two monthly Sound Baths on the New and Full Moons with Sonny and Anja of Biota in Harmony! These special events harness the energetic properties of the New and Full Moons, and use sacred sounds to clear, cleanse, clarify, ground and restore Mind, Body and Spirit.

Chloe hosts a Market Stall at various local Markets around Perth's Southern suburbs to expand the Sacred Hearth community through sharing short 15-minute Healing Sessions, accepting In-Studio Appointment and Class bookings, and selling Gift Vouchers. The Sacred Hearth Market Stall is a great way to meet Chloe, ask questions, and experience our offerings in a relaxed setting without committing to a full In-Studio Class or Appointment.

All Hands In

Chloe is developing a series of workshops to help support your personal, spiritual, and professional development. These will be offered in 1:1 Mentoring, Pairs, or Group environments, and topics will include effective and functional use of Yoga Props, Massage, Cyclical Living, and Self-Healing using various methods and modalities, as well as her first range of Reiki Training Workshops coming in 2022!


From First Degree to Master Teacher, if you have ever been interested in learning the practice of Reiki, or continuing your Reiki journey, you will want to watch this space!


"I highly recommend this amazing lady with healing hands!"

— Raquel K

Book an Online Session or Clarity Call

Aren't sure what you're looking for?

We offer all new clients complimentary 15-minute Wellness Consultations!

These are short clarity calls held via phone or Zoom that allow us to learn a little about your Mind-Body-Spirit wellness journey so far, identify your current needs and therapeutic preferences, clarify your intentions, and discuss which therapeutic options will best suit you, and how they may benefit and support you on your wellness journey.

Book your Consultation online below, or by using the contact information here.


Looking to book an In-Studio Appointment or Class?

All In-Studio Appointments, including our current Group Classes, must be booked directly through Chloe using the contact information here, and we require all new clients seeking 1:1 In-Studio Appointments to complete our Client Forms here, and follow the steps found here.

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