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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage Therapy uses both physical and metaphysical energies to balance the mind, body and spirit, connecting both client and practitioner to the natural elements of the Earth.

Inspiration is drawn from Kahuna Bodywork, wherein the massage techniques mimic firm yet gentle streams of flowing water, like the steady flow of the ocean. Volcanic basalt stones, naturally smoothed by the action of rivers, streams and oceans, are heated in water before being placed on the body’s key energy points and being used to massage the muscles.

Naturally smoothed stones, as opposed to mechanically polished, retain their energetic connection to the earth and their natural healing geomagnetic properties, increasing their overall therapeutic benefits. The addition of heat enhances the benefits of traditional massage by increasing vasodilation, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells, increasing waste removal, gently relaxing the muscles by warming the superficial layers of tissue, and providing a deeper sense of relaxation and stress relief. Consider a Hot Stone massage when in need of deep relaxation, to enhance the benefits of regular massage, to connect to the energies of the Earth, and to experience a truly nurturing therapy

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