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Crystal Healing


Like all other energy-based practices, Crystal Healing operates under the premise that everything is made up of the same base energy, and that this base or essential energy present at the core of all existence is capable of interacting with, and influencing, itself, regardless of the perceived limitations of our physical reality. The basis of Crystal Healing is the belief that crystals can absorb, repel and transmit energy, serving as both containers and conduits for universal energy, and that they can interact with and influence, the energy present in us, and our environment, on a physical, mental-emotional and spiritual level. Crystal Healing works with universal life force energy (known as Qi, Ki, or Prana), the energy channels within the body that hold and transport this energy (known as Meridians or Nadis), the energy centres known as Chakras, and the balance of Yin and Yang energies.

There are three primary healing benefits of incorporating Crystal Healing into a healing session. Clearing through the absorption and removal of certain types of energy from your body, energizing by harnessing, conducting and transferring energy from the quantum field into your own energy field, and balancing areas of energetic disharmony.

If you choose to include Crystal Healing in your session, they may be given to you to hold, or may be placed on your body, around the room, or under the treatment table. The crystals used, and their placement, are intuitively chosen to bolster or amplify your healing experience, shifting your subtle energies in accordance with the healing properties of each crystal, assisting in the alleviation of dis-ease within Mind, Body and Spirit, and the cultivation of higher vibrational energy. You may also be given advice on which crystals to wear, place on or move over the body, meditate with, place throughout your home and or car, sleep near, or use to create healing grids, in order to support the healing and integration process post-treatment.

Experience this technique in our Intuitive Healing container!

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