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Shamanic Healing


Like most other energy-based practices, Shamanic Healing operates under the premise that everything is made up of the same base energy, and that this base or essential energy present at the core of all existence is capable of interacting with, and influencing, itself, regardless of the perceived limitations of our physical reality. Like a Reiki practitioner, a Shamanic Healer acts as a channel - more often referred to as a hollow bone or a bridge between the physical and the spiritual - for Spirit (the base energy present at the core of all existence) to flow through for the purposes of healing. While a Shamanic Healer, like a Reiki practitioner, may lay hands on the body, or work in the energetic field through the channelling of formless energy, they often work with your guides (ascended masters, ancestors, angels, animals, etc.) to bring medicine through in a variety of different ways. Some of these Shamanic Healing techniques include:

Sound and Crystal Healing.

Ancestral Healing - the practice of working with ones ancestral lineage to break limiting and negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour, and clear ancestral trauma.

Past Life Healing - the practice of exploring ones past lives in order to clear unhealed traumas, experiences, and attachments. 

Soul Retrieval - the practice of retrieving fragments of one's soul that have been lost due to traumatic experiences or unhealed attachments.

Inner Child Healing - the practice of working with ones inner child for the purpose of repairing ones relationship with themselves and, by extension, others.

Shadow Work - the practice of working with ones shadow self or shadow child to unearth hidden truths, beliefs and patterns of behaviour for the purposes of healing.

Entity Clearing - the practice of removing entities, spirits, thought forms, and other attachments from ones energetic or physical bodies and fields.

Animal Medicine - working with animal spirit guides for the purposes of healing.

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